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Congrats to Hillgrove's Lance Wise Class of 2019 for receiving his first offer from Mercer University. Lance is a speedy safety with the versatility to play corner at the Division1 level. Lance has showed the necessary flashes to be just as good on the offensive side of the ball.

Beginning in April we will be changing our Vertimax Schedule!. We will be adding more classes for you to take full advantage of the Power of the Vertimax.

Dr. Tucker and Intergate2

Athletes, to truly be better than the others you must attain "the information." Yes you need to know when to practice, when to train, when and what to eat. You and your team have to get a plan. I do not mean the team you play on, I mean that team that is responsible for building your Brand. You need to know when to rest. Athletes you have to have Speed and be Injury Free.

Lastly do not rely on your basic Protein with unnecessary fillers and you need to keep that ready to roll whenever ask to do so. To keep you rolling we have teamed back up with Dr. Dyas. Dr. Dyas Tucker will tell you exactly what your body needs and will provide you with the necessary supplements.,

That brings us to Intergrate2. Intergrate2 is group of physical therapist that I CALL ESP. Their ability to see a injury coming around corner and immediately execute a plan to combat any injury before it matures into fruition. Parents and students take advantage of these extra services that I have brought to the Ocular Campus.


Parents please go to our website and take the time to fill out our TESTIMONIAL LINK. Tell us what you think about us; Bad Good or the Ugly. WE CAN TAKE IT. We just want to get better. You can click the link, go to our website or stop in and grab an iPad and fill in with your thoughts. We really appreciate your cooperation. HELP US HELP YOU.

Tis is the season to be Combine ready. These Combine workouts can make you or break you. All athletes that will be participating in these camps must go in prepared. A bad 40 time can follow you around for years. You can run a good time the following year but chances are your poor performance will be the face of your abilities when recruiting hits the calendar.

Find a good Trainer, Coach, teammates or yourself and work those particular drills to exhaustion. Grind so that your focus is to break a record on testing day.

Ocular Combine Training will train all athletes to dominate all camps and combines. We will mold the body as well as the mind to perform at it's highest level. Too much Scholarship Money, too much Professiuonal Money on the line to be cutting corners. Get

to Work!


One on One Training begins in April. This service is for the extremely serious athletes. This is not for everyone. Learn more about Qne on One Training.

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