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As a Safety for Georgia State University in the 2013 Season, Rashad racked up 37 solo tackles and 14 assists. Total of 51 stops.


Rashad led the Sunbelt Conference in tackles the first 6 games before injuring his groin, which side lined him for two games. Rashad returned and finished strong for the last 4 games which earned him a spot as one of the elite safeties in the Sunbelt.


Rashad has flawless tackling ability. Often compared to "Earl Thomas" of the Seattle Seahawks. He is a true safety with good range. Rashad is pure power, strength, speed, agility and intelligence rolled into one.


Rashad transferred to Georgia State in the summer of 2011, and made an immediate impact.


Rashad spent his 2010 season at the University of Louisville under then Head Coach Charlie Strong. He transferred because of family medical reasons.


Rashad played in 10 games as a true freshman for Drake University in 2009 where he tallied up 31 tackles, including 24 solos. Against Jacksonville he forced a fumble on kickoff coverage to set up the game winning touchdown.


Rashad Stewart #29

Rashad highlights from his senior season.  Led the Sun Belt in total stops before a groing injury. Rashad has great footwork, change of directions and awesome ball awareness. He is well known for his ability to play 1 on 1 coverage.

Rashad prepares for the NFL Regional Combine and Pro Day. Power and strength will not be something scouts will have to be concerned with.

Rashad Stewarts highlights of his NFL Regional Combine Performance at the Atlanta Falcons Complex.  Additonal footage as he prepares for his Pro day March 28th...

Rashad's impact plays against the University of West Virginia. Rashad plays and dominates at the highest level. Perfect tackles and pass defense.

"Freshman Daikiel Shorts had a team-high 88 yards and two touchdowns on five catches. He deserved a purple heart for his 26-yard reception across the middle, which ended in collision with Panthers safety Rashad Stewart.


'That was a great hit from whoever it was—I’m not sure which safety hit me,' Shorts said. 'Luckily I didn’t get a concussion. I felt it in my head. I saw (Stewart) coming over but I didn’t know he was going to get there so fast.'"




205 lbs





Forty Time

40 inches



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