About Us

Ocular Sports

Ocular Sports is where athletes come to dominate the game. We don't train you to get to the ball. We train you to beat the ball!


Our specialized strategy to get athletes stronger and faster is like no other.  We are well equipped to mold your body into a "Human Machine." We are hands on with each athlete’s physical and mental development of being the best. Our training tactics make sense to our athletes. This is why they go the extra mile in every session. The result is becoming the best at their respective sport.


Ocular Sports is an indoor Sports Performance Facility with state of the art equipment for athletic dominance. We specialize in weight training, speed, agility and conditioning. Ocular Sports Training is a 7,000 square foot facility. Ocular Sports has 40 yards of multi-purpose turf for Speed, Agility, Soccer and Lacrosse Training. We are well equipped with weightlifting stations and dumb bells.


Lounge Area wiith Flat Screen TV and WiFi.



Ocular Sports was founded in 2001 by Coach Rashad

Weighted Sleds

Speed development

   Laser Timing System

        Get that 40 time accuarately. No guess work

Vertimax V8

Increase Jumping Ability, Power, Speed, Power

NFL Vertec

Test Vertical Like The Pros

Harness Equipment

Resistance and over-speed

Power Jumping Bands

Increase vertical jumps

Ankle Power Bands

Agility resistance

Speed & Endurance Ladders

Footwork development

Olympic Style Hurdles

Hurdler technique

Medicine Balls

Core stabilization and power training

Power Ropes & Tires

Upper body development

Plyometric boxes

Explosive training

Training Tools & Techniques