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Making Athletic Statements


Richardre Bagley of University of Tennessee Chattanooga and Dontrae Hall of Point University are making statements early on in their Freshman year.

Richardre Bagley's team may have lost in overtime but he made the crowd stand up in awe. The true Freshman returned a kick 50 plus yards before barely getting pushed out of bounds by a Jacksonville State defender.


The week before Mr. Bagley made great contributions against Central Michigan in his Division 1 debut. I spoke with Mr. Bagley after the JSU game. Richardre stated "I am just trying to prove I am a play-maker." He is definitely making plays.

Richardre Ropes.jpg

Dontrae Hall knew he was born to run the ball even though some may have doubted. Many schools passed on Dontrae last year and now some are kicking themselves. Mr. Hall arrived on Point Campus ready to work, ready to prove himself and ready to compete for the starting job.

Like Mr. Bagley, Dontrae too kept an intense training regimate "During the Season" and during the off season.

Dontrae Hall4.jpg

Dontrae developed the mind set to play right away as a true freshman and to put his school on the map. In Dontrae's debut he tallied just over 40 yards against D1 Southern Charleston University.(he played against his training partner Corbin Jackson-Safety) This productivity moved him up the depth chart.

This past week Mr. Hall went head to head with D2 Powerhouse Lenoir Rhyne. Though loosing, Dontrae Hall got significant carries that has put him in position to increase playing time and sooner than later winning the starting job. Point University's Assistanct- Coach Ruthaford says, "Dontrae is doing well and playing hard." Hard is definitley in Dontrae's DNA.

These Athletic Athletes are making Immediate Statements in their young college careers.

Develop the Body, Develop the Mind and Develop the sense of visualization. Visualize yourself making plays, making the team and making a successful impact.

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