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Athletes Making That College Transition

Now days the Student-Athlete is making an immediate impact at the college level. In the past it was the norm for a lean, not so strong, lack of experienced freshman to get Red Shirted their first year in college. The Red Shirt year is normally to get them bigger, stronger, faster and accustomed to the speed of the game. Not to mention being away from home taking on all new responsibilities.

Today’s athletes are coming into these athletic programs ready for play and competing for the starting jobs. Athletes are working harder than ever. They are implementing strategic plans at a early age to get that much needed exposure for recruitment. Coaches, Trainers, Social Media and Parents all play a role in where your athlete lands upon graduating High School.

Richardre Bagley trained his body all of his Junior and Senior year of High School. Before leaving for college Bagley worked his body 5 times a week.

Richardre UTC picture.jpg

The University of Tennessee Chattanooga Coaches are amazed at his talents and even more impressed with his overall development. Pound for Pound Dre is one the strongest and fastest on the team.

First week of camp UTC recruiters says "Richardre is doing great. He will be a good player here. You can tell he knows how to work and get things done."

UTC reports.. Bagley has been the one freshman who's tough to miss early on. Whether returning kicks, catching passes out of the backfield or in the few chances he's gotten to work with first or second-team offense. Bagley is proving to have an impressive set of skills. So far in practice he catches the ball well, has very quick cuts and is explosive getting up field.


Another Student Athlete that is blowing everyone’s Mind as soon as he walked on Campus is Marshall University Emanuel Beal. Beal is a freak of nature. He is a State of The Art Wide Receiver. Emanuel Beal comes in with high expectations. Like Bagley he too “Trains” his body Prior, During and After the season. Both having the Kobe Bryant Mentality "work to exhaustion!"

Emanuel has a set of skills like no other. Strength, Speed, Acceleration, Route Running, Catching Ability and The Drive to be

Emanueal Catching at Marshall2.jpg

great. reports, "Beal instantly grabbed attention with his size, good, hands and especially his ability to go over the middle and make plays in traffic." Beal was smart and eager enough to classes in the summer which allowed him to workout with older guys.. This move turned out to be great. Emanuel showed the staff he is not the average freshman. He did great in the summer and showed he was one of the best receivers in camp. Preparation!

Emanueal Jumping.jpg

These are the type of Student-Athletes that the Universities are "investing" in. The Athlete that want to succeed has to understand the following: Dedication, Committment and Sacrfice has to be the Law!

Richardre Bagley UTC -working on power

Emanueal Beal of Marshall - footwork and ball skills

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