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Spring is right around the corner. Time for all athletes to get their business right. Yes, I said Business. Get your body ready for spring ball, College Camps and 7 on 7. Coaches can put you in position but you have to make the moves. Be prepared to showcase your talents in front of the decision makers. The College Coaches are the ones that can make you an offer but it has become a who you know industry. Pick at least 5 camps to attend that represent your talents and dominate the interview aka COMBINES. Contact Ocular Sports to train for your up coming events.

One of the biggest secrets is the importance of 7 on 7 and how powerful it can be for each athletes career. A good 7 on 7 performance can take you from zero interested schools to numerous scholarship offers. It is very important to make sure your coach has contacts with college recruiters. A lot of coaches say they have the connect but do your homework. Ask other Players, Parents and Coaches. You will know which team is the best fit for you. Here is a few reputable 7 on 7 programs doing it big for athletes, families and college recruiters. PLEASE CLICK THE LOGO TO PROCEED TO THEIR WEBSITE

Tony Ballard is lead in Command for the powerful Hustle Inc. Well known and works hard for his players.

Derrick Tatum is another Guru of Elite Talent. Derrick is building a reputable 7 on 7 team thats knocking down major doors that normally would not open.

Alex Benson is a "Master" not a jack but a "Master" of All Trades. He has developed a 7 on 7 department that will be a welcome addition to the above organizations.

Frank Adam has focused on adding to his football academy a 7 on 7 division. This division will consist of 7 on 7 teams as well as a league.

We here at Ocular Sports are a strong believer in 7 on7. You don't just get notice but it is a awesome way for athletes to keep their game speed up to par during the off-season. We added 7 on 7 into

our training program way before it took the industry by storm to date. Build your athletic business and get on your grind.

This game made NFL and Bunch of D1 players.

Not to mention degreed young men.

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