Opening "Days"

Synjyn Days of the Georgia Tech made an immediate impact for the Yellow Jackets Season Opener. Synjyn Scored his first TD of the season while the crews to a big win over Wofford. Sinjyn is big H-back with strength, agility, acceleration and power to match. His field awareness and ball skills is another combination that Days so Dangerous.

Working with Synjyn makes me believe that his biggest asset is his will to dominate. Days will dominate you with a smile. Gangsta! His mentality to be the best complimented with his strong spiritual beliefs instilled by Calvin and Paula Days will easily take him to the next level. And not just to get there but to have a lasting career in the professional ranks.

Days really does count the days to constantly train and work his body into immaculate shape. He believes in working the body till it shuts down. Once it shuts down take a deep breath and start it back up again. Synjyn Days in a machine in a humans body. He is a Hillgrove High grad with great veversatility. Versatility will always increase your stock. . Lets sit "H-Back" watch Days run the ACC in 2014.

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