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Richard Hallman Legend in the Making

Legend In The Making! Richard Hallman's work ethic exemplifies what it takes to be

legendary. Richard was born, breeded and molded to be one of the best Wide Receivers to play the game.

6'5 175lb Hillgrove standout signed with Troy State University as

Richard signing.JPG

their #1 recruit. Size, Speed and Fabulous Ball Skills got Richard notice by Georgia State back in April in which he gave a early commit he too was their number 1 recruit. Making one of the toughest decision he elected to take his gift to Troy in which he will have the opportunity to play right away.

This Miami native has a drive like no other. Richard Hallman does not want to be good.

He wants to be great! Richard puts in the work to dominate his positon as well as his opponent. He generates the positive energy that rubs off on his teamates so they too can be the best.

Richard Hallman has a great supporting cast that keeps him on that road to success. His mom Robyn Mitchell is his Number 1 fan and his Number 1 critic. Momma Mitchell has instilled the beliefs, values and goal driven qualities to be a great player on the field and a great man in the world. His Aunts, Uncles and friends are very active in Richard's life and this why greatness is inevitable.

You can talk to Richard Hallmans 10 year old Coaches at Fair Oaks Park, Middle School or High School Coaches and they will all say the same thing. "It was a blessing to be able to have coached him, I knew he was gonna be great and I can't wait to see him in the League."

With a strong family backing, with that Hillgrove Golden Coaching Touch, with that amazing tradition at Troy State Combined with his strong Faith in God. Richard Hallman is a Legend In The Making.

For you kid! You deserve it.

Richard Hallman_edited.JPG


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