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ERIC YOUNG - Speed is his LAW

ERIC YOUNG JR. has been training with O.S. for over a year focusing on Strength, Agility, Power. Eric has become very successful in becoming a all around athlete. But Ocular is not the reason why this young man is considered one of the best 100m & 200m sprinters in the Country. These accomplishments are because of Eric Young Sr. Dad being a World Class Sprinter himself pushes the body, delivers that mental message and brings the best out Eric Young Jr.

Junior and Senior work like a hand in glove. Eric Sr. is his trainer, track coach and advisor. This dynamic duo is the one to watch. This 12 year old star future is bright.

Eric starts his intense regime Sept 1. Took a month off now back into Super Mode. Eric is also a Top Student, carrying no less than 3.9 GPA. He enjoys reading and technology.

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