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Hunter On The "Hunt"

These days and times athletes are doing just enough to make the team, just enough to

Hunter Arters2_edited.jpg

become the starter, just enough to be the best in their conference. Not Hunter Arters! There isn't a "I am satisfied bone in his body." Hunter is on the hunt to become the most prolific passer possible. He is on the hunt to be able to turn a broken play into a 20 yard gain. His attitude and drive combined with a vigorous NFL style training regiment. He is on the road to Empowering is QB future today!

Hunter is a freshman at Hillgrove High School. He has been a starting QB for atleast 4 years. Hunters experience, awareness, strong release and ability to read the defense is what sets him apart from the competition. Hunter has accumulated a winning record ever since taking that first snap under center.

During Arter's off season he trains 2 times a week with one of the best QB trainers in the business "Ron Veal." Ron has enhanced Hunter's strenghts and continuously deleting all weaknesses. Hunter's rest days consist of deveoping his speed, agility, quickness and power with his Ocular Sports family.

Hunter is not only putting himself in a position to be in big time recruit by training extremely hard but by working equally as hard in the classroom. Hunter is very focused and intense about his studies. Hunter always says "I want to take anything negative, that I can control out of the equation of me being successful."

Hunter Arter is Very Hungary, Very Intelligent and Very Intune to embelish the definition of the word success.


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