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History In The Making

There is only a few athletes that come

Orry Owens.PNG

around to dominate every aspect of the game. There are athletes that want to win, then there are athletes that must win. Orry Owens is the definition of a winner. He is willing to do what it takes physically and mentally to be successful.

Mr. Owens is the point guard for Hillgrove

8th grade basketball team. Orry has the full package. Ball Handling, Shooting, Quick Feet, Decision Making and Leadership. Looking at Orry’s resume, it reflects all the qualifications to be a dominate point guard for a long time. His killer instincts combined with “I don’t care who out there” attitude, makes him a top recruit for his class.

Owens dominates the game but plays no games about his future. Double O is a straight A student that believes hard work is the Law. He is constantly building his own personal team. Orry’s dad is great basketball coach that constantly increases Orry’s basketball I.Q. Orry also sees a basketball trainer 3 times a week who is one of the best in the business. Lastly he focuses on Strength, Agility and Speed twice a week. This honor student has his own team to keep on that mission to be the best guard in the country by the end of his sophomore year.

Orry Owens is a pure athlete. He will destroy a 400mm dash. Has the ability to orchestrate a 2minute drive at the Quarterback position. Great at long and triple jump.

But his Spirit speaks" putting that ball in the hoop." Pure Point Guard—Spiritually, Physically and Mentally. Orry Owens -History in the Making!

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