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Record Breaking Sonny Harris Doing It And Doing It Well

Sonny Harris put in work this weekend. Mr. Harris put the Hillgrove football team on his back Friday Night. Hillgrove traveled up to play North Paulding at North Paulding. When the game was over Sonny walked out of there with 8 touchdowns in pocket..

Sonny who backed up last years fabulous UTC 's Richardre Bagley(scored his first touchdown on saturday against Tennessee Volunteers) made a huge name for himself friday night. Sonny has also made a statement with college recrutis.. This awesome football/baseball player is not playing any games with the competition.

Sonny's training habits are second to none and he will make anybody's college backfield a welcome additon. Sonny Harris is the real deal. Do not sleep! If you were sleep. You are wide awake now!!

Sonny Goes HAM..


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