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Ocular Adults Believing In the Workout And Themselves

Ocular Sports has now started offering Adult Training. The last 5 months have been very successful for this new venture. Ocular Adult Training (O.A.T.) prides itself on the early success it has had with their adult clients. In the past Ocular had trouble implementing Adult programs but now things have changed. O.A.T has some very special clients that are committed and eager to achieve their goals.

Adult Training.jpg

Ebony is focused into turning her body into the the temple it was designed to be. Ebony understands the healthier the mind the healthier the body. She is just as committed in what she puts in her body as well as the body development. Birds of a feather flock together. Nichole had a goal in mind and now she is becoming unstoppable. She is detailed oriented in her workouts as well as her diets. If for some strange reason Nichole can't make her session you are demanded to provide her with home workout.


These are the reasons why Ebony and Nichole are seing such fast results. They are hungary (no pun inteded) for perfection.

The O.A.T. provides a professional product with a personal touch. Their workouts are not robotic and boring. Ocular adds a personal touch for each client to feel comfortable and inspired that they achieved each set of a workout.

Adult Training.jpg

Ocular just dont deliver results they produce: self confidence, drive to succeed, committement to excellence and a thirst for perfection.

Mrs. Pat joined the O.A.T. team with minor issues back in June. Now Mrs. Pat is no longer walking her warm up she in now jogging her 8 minute warm up before dominating a 2hr workout.

Tiffany Joined this fabulous training coming 3 months ago. The things she has accomplished shows her greatness and desire to achieve.

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