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Why Christopher Joseph will be a Standout in the coming years.

Chris Joseph is preparing for his high school career before playing his last season in middle school. Chris is a 8th Grade Basketball Guard who is working as if he is preparing to play in the NCAA tournament. Chris has committed to training 5 days a week. Three days of Speed, Strength and Agility. He uses these days to become quicker, faster and stronger than his oppnent.

The remaining two days he uses for enhancing his basketball skills. Perfecting his jump shot. Dribbling the ball till exhaustion. Focusing on 98 percent from the foul line. And of course increasing his Knowledge and Awareness of the game.

Chris Joseph atends Lovinggood Middle School. He plays Shooting Guard for the Hillgrove Hawks in Powder Springs, GA. Mr. Joseph has that ideal basketball player structure. Long Arms and Torso puts him in a great position to be a recruit in 2019.

Chris Joseph is has stamina and will of grown man trapped in 13 year olds body. When it comes to working to be the best Grade A. 1st one to arrive last one to leave.

Chris and Orry of Hillgrove Hawks

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