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During The Season Training


During the season training is very important for the development of the dominate athlete. To perform at a high level during a grueling seasons still calls for proper conditioning, strength, flexibility and agility. Most athletes tend to lose focus on these components because of game preparations. These preparations are normally designed by the Coaches whose job is to prepare and put his or her team in the best position to win.

Ab work during season

The serious athlete will push and train themselves so hard during the off season to be the fastest, strongest and the quickest athlete possible. This is great! Most coaches and trainers know this is the time to put in work. Proper training and perfecting your craft during the off season is the best way to take your game to the next level. Where the downfall begins is once the season begins the athletes spend less time maintaining speed and footwork and more time on perfecting the playbook. This can sometimes results in poor performance, injury prone and decrease in confidence.

We all know the only way to beat the competition is to have a solid game plan. A great coach can have their team winning the Battle as well as the war. Now complement that with a maintenance program that won’t allow those skills to diminish. You will not only win, you will dominate. A team that dominate builds a “Brand.” A team with a Brand generates “Exposure.” Exposure brings “RECRUITERS!” You all know where this headed. Training properly during the season will put the athlete in a better position to achieve their goals.

Athletes, continue to train hard, smart and know your body. Sometimes you will work the body to exhaustion, and other times you will just go into muscle memory mode. Whatever the case may be, get Intune with your body. It is very important that you understand your body inside and out. Your body is your BRAND. The bigger, the faster, the wiser the stronger the Brand! The Bigger the investment made by the “Decision maker.” Know, Build and Protect your Brand aka Your Body.

For those who may be interested:

Ocular Sports has designed a program called During the Season Maintenance Program or “DSMP." “DSMP” was developed to be the perfect combination for keeping the feet quick, muscles flexible and the body strong. During the Season Maintenance Program will keep the athlete at elite performance status. “DSMP” does not over work the body, it enhances it. Our program will have your athletes dominating the game while the rest are trying STAY or GET into the game.

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