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                                                                     Single Session: $75                          Monthly: $280 Once a Week

The High School Development Package concentrates on the introduction to fundamentals. Basic speed and agility techniques are mastered at this level. Proper form is emphasized since that is the key to good performance. Basics introduction to weights will be tailored based upon the athletes age and size. The purpose of this level is to prepare the new or returning athlete's body with strong cardio routines as well as with strength from the weights. Basic Vertimax V8 and Raptor, Mass Suit, and S Drive Matrix Speed Machine workouts will be worked into the High School Development package as well. In order for the High School Development Package to be extremely beneficial, the athlete should commit to coming to train once a week.



                                                                           Weekly: $100                       Monthly: $400  Twice a Week

All Pro Package will get the athlete’s body conditioned, increase core strength, and introduce a bundle of speed skills. At this level, more advanced cardio routines will be utilized to further increase the athlete’s endurance, and the importance of speed will be emphasized. An individualized weight training program will be implemented at this level to further develop the athlete’s strength. The Vertimax V8 and Raptor, Mass Suit, and S Drive Matrix Speed Machine workouts will be used as a tool to enhance the athlete’s entire athletic ability. In order for the All Pro Package to be as effective as possible, the athlete should plan on coming twice a week.



                                                                       Weekly: $150                                   Monthly: $600  Three Times a Week

This is for the advanced athlete who is dedicated to being the best they can be. Beast Mode Athletes will be expected to complete a series of Speed and Agility circuits within given times. Vigorous Vertimax V8 and Raptor, Mass Suit, and S Drive Matrix Speed Machine workouts will be included in the Beast Mode Package. Your trainer will prepare you physically, mentally, and emotionally on what it will take to dominate every drill, every test, and every play. In order for an athlete to reach their full potential while using the Beast Mode Package, they should commit to coming three times a week.


                                SPEED & EXPLOSION PACKAGE

                                           DAILY RATE -$65HR

                                          WEEKLY RATE - $230

                                             MONTHLY - $850

                                   ***Please see Front Desk for Scheduling*** 

It is our philosophy with the individualized tiered training approach to

prepare each athlete to perform at the most optimal level possible. We

believe that by optimizing and enhancing peak performance while the

athlete is still young, the chances of them succeeding in their desired

sport is inevitable. 

Group sessions will still be conducted each month to reinforce the team

work mentality. We will focus on individualized training but still feel the

necessity to keep all of our athletes grounded and prepared when

competing with others. 

*Outdoor sessions will be held as weather permits.

*Each athlete will go through a series of evaluations and test on

1st day  and repeat 21 days later.



 Personal Training

1 on 1 Training

Head To Head Workouts

Now Available


All-ACC Sean Poole takes advantage of our Personal Training Service.  Mr. Poole stands by our process to making you the ultimate athlete. Personal Training.



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