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School is now in session.  This is when the "good" ones separate from the "great" ones!  Everyone has trained all summer and gave it their all.  But the great ones know they have to maintain their progress throughout the year. Allow me to bring "During the Season Maintenance Program (DSMP)"to your attention. This program is designed for the athlete to maintain their skills throughout the season.


  • Athletes tend to lose their agility, speed, flexibility and strength during the season, this results in poor performance, injury, and a decrease in confidence


  • Coaches are focusing on game preparation (perfecting plays, watching film, and scouting opponents); this demands a lot of energy and focus causing speed, agility, and strength to take a backseat.


  • Our DSMP is the perfect complement to a coach’s weekly game plan, it does not over work the body, and it enhances it    Ocular Sports has taken the time to design this program to be the perfect combination for keeping quick feet, muscles flexible, and the body strong. During the season maintenance program will keep the athlete at the top performance level, which he or she worked so hard, to maintain in the off season.


During the Season Maintenance Program Rates:


Sunday & Wednesday -$135 Monthly

One day a week - $115 monthly

Per Session- $40

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