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Our Resident Basketball Trainer Coach Korey Harris says, "When I meet a player or group of individuals who are looking to me to help them improve, I do not simply throw a set of cookie-cutter drills at them. I have the ability to break down their bodily movements, teach them the proper reads and reactions for every situation, and give them the game like intensity within each drill that will prepare them for the game." 


$40 per Session

$75 - Pack of 2 Sessions

$110 - Pack of 3 Sessions

$145 - Once a Week per Month (4 Sessions)

$300 - Twice a Week per Month (8 Sessions)

$450 - Unlimited Training for the Month

Athlete's will have the opportunity to perform injury prevention exercise, rehabilitate any injuries they might have, and increase their overall athletic ability in a small group setting. Any exercise or movement performed during the workout will directly translate to the athlete's game.

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