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Ocular Sports prides itself on its "Adult Training."  Though we have adults in a samll group setting we understand that each adult has different desires as well as needs. We develop your personal workout to achieve your goals and prepare you to diminate new ones.  Our settings are small and great for additional motivation.  For a small additonal fee we do offer one on one sessions as well. Ebony and Jazmin have been leading our Adult's Team for over 5 years.  Meet them half way and we guarantee results


Now that you are part of the O.S. Adult Family you have the opportunity for us to customize your diet to complement your training.  No Excuses! No Down Time! Lets Get Signed Up!  Lets Get To Work!

Warm Up
Per Session


2 Sessions per Week


3 Sessions per Week


4 Sessions per Week


Ebony train.png
__jlacy hitting that core the Ocular way
Ocular Adult Training at its best. Here
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